Our Policies About...

Matted Fur and De-mating

 I am happy to offer dog grooming in Greater Napanee and I aim to give you the groom you want for your dog.  However, in spite of some owner's best intentions, sometimes we have to deal with matted coats.  Unfortunately, de-matting HURTS your dog!  It is a very uncomfortable process for your dog, and like all professional dog groomers, I cannot de-mat dogs with excessively matted coats.  Any de-matting I can do will depend completely on your dog's comfort and tolerance level. 

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

 Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours from the appointment time will be charged a $25.00 fee.  All missed appointments with no notification will be charged the full groom price for each dog that was booked to be groomed.  Please understand that when an appointment is booked, I reserve a specific amount of time to work on your dog.  If you fail to arrive for your appointment, or cancel the appointment without enough time for me to re-book another dog in that time slot, I lose the income from that time. 

Arriving At Mini Mutts


When arriving at Mini Mutts, please give your dog one last chance to go to the bathroom before entering the salon.  Even if your dog has gone at home, most dogs will need to 'go' once they realize where they are.  Dogs can be walked on any of the front and side lawns, but please pick up after your pet to keep the area clean.  There is a garbage can available for poop bags.

In an effort to keep the entrance way clean for everybody, please do not allow male dogs to lift their legs on the house or around the doorway.  If your dog likes to mark, please carry him into the salon.